QC Pharma Interview Questions For Freshers

QC pharma interview questions:

QC pharma jobs offered for b pharmacy freshers in pharmaceutical industry. Usually, first you should qualify an interview exam for attending the interview. It is depend upon the which pharmaceutical company you are trying for.

Here we have given most commonly asked basic questions in the qc pharma interview for freshers. There is no specific pattern/rule for asking the interview questions. Its purely an interviewer choice. But still we try to give qc pharma interview information which they are asking mostly based on some experienced interviewees suggestions.

We are not discussing any HR related questions except qc pharma technical questions.

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Quality control interview Questions:

Q1. What is room temperature?

Ans) 25 degree centigrade

Q2.  What is the Ultraviolet(UV) and visible spectroscopy range?

Ans) UV spectroscopy range 200-400 nm, Visible spectroscopy range 400 nm to 800nm.

Q3) What is the use of UV Spectroscopy?

Ans) Spectroscopy used for detecting the functional groups, impurities. Qualitative and quantitative analysis can be done.

Q4) What is the difference between qualitative and quantitative analysis?

Ans) Qualitative analysis involves identification of the compound or chemical based on their chemical(absorption, emission )or physical properties(e.g Melting point, boiling point).

Quantitative analysis involves estimation or determination of concentration or amount of the chemical compounds or components.

Q5) Explain the principle of Ultraviolet spectroscopy?

Ans) UV spectroscopy uses light in the UV part of electromagnetic spectrum. UV absorption spectra arises in which molecule or atoms outer electrons absorb energy, undergoes transition from lower energy level to higher energy level. For each molecule, absorbance at wavelength is specific.

Q6) Explain about Beer Lamberts law?

Ans) It states that the intensity of monochromatic light absorbed by a substance dissolved in a fully transmitting solvent is directly proportional to the substance concentration and the path length of the light through the solution.

Q7)  Explain the Infrared spectroscopy principle?

Ans) When a molecule absorbs the Infrared radiation, it vibrates and gives rise to packed Infrared(IR) absorption spectrum. This IR spectrum is specific for every different molecule absorbing the IR radiation, useful for its  identification.

Q8) What is the body temperature?

Ans) 37 oCelsius or 98.6 oF

Q9) Define pH? What is the pH of blood?

Ans) pH -Negative logarithm of hydrogen ion concentration. Blood pH-7.35 to 7.45.

Q10) Expand LCMS, HPLC,UPLC, TLC and GC?

Ans) LCMS- Liquid Chromatography

HPLC- High Performance Liquid Chromatography,

UPLC- Ultra High Performance Liquid Chomatography,

TLC- Thin Layer Chomatography,

GC- Gas Chromatography.

qc pharma interview questions for freshers

Q11) What is the HPLC principle?

Ans) It is a technique used for separating the mixture of components into individual components based on adsorption, partition, ion exchange and size exclusion principles. Stationary phase and mobile phase used in it.  HPLC used for identification, quantification and purification of components form a mixture.

Q12) Explain HPLC instrumentation?

Ans) It involves solvent system, pump, Sample injector, HPLC columns, Detectors and Recorder. Firstly, solvent(mobile phase) is degassed for eliminating the bubbles. It is passed through the pump with a uniform pressure. The liquid sample is injected into the mobile phase flow stream. It passes through the stationary phase identified by the detectors and recorded.

Q13) In reverse phase HPLC, which type of stationary phase is used and give example?

Ans) Non polar stationary phase used

Ex: Silica gel C-18

Q14) What are the detectors used in HPLC?

Ans) UV detector, IR detector, Fluorescence detector, Mass spectroscopy, LC MS etc.

Q15) How to calculate Retention factor in paper chromatography?

Ans) Rf = Distance travelled by solute/ Distance travelled by solvent.

Q16) Define molarity?

Ans) Number of moles of solute per litre solution. Denoted with “M”

Q17) Define Molality?

Ans) Number of moles of solute per kilogram solvent. Denoted with “m”

Q18) Define Normality?

Ans) Number of Number of moles equivalent per litre solution.

Q19) Molecular weight of oxygen?

Ans) 16

Q20)  Difference between humidity and relative humidity?

Ans) Humidity – Measure of amount of water vapour present in the atmosphere.

Relative humidity- Water vapour amount exists in air expressed as a percentage of the amount needed for saturation at the same temperature.

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Medical representatives interview questions- Part 1

Medical representative

Medical Reresentative plays a key role for increasing the sales of a pharmaceutical or health care company. They are the contact persons between the company and the doctors.

MR jobs offered for life science graduates and to MBA people. B pharmacy, Msc graduates are usually taken for this job(Some companies even take Bsc people also). MBA graduates are also preferred well for this job even though if they don’t have proper medical terms knowledge. Because they well versed with marketing skills.

Marketing people would have a very bright future if a person fits well into this field. Apart from fixed salary structure, they have incentives depend upon their targets completion.  Marketing field totally different from other pharma fields, you need other skills apart from medical subject knowledge. You need to have communication skills, convincing skills, patience, good marketing relationship with the doctors and stress management due to target achieving etc.

medical representative interview

Here we given the question and answers related to medical subject knowledge and commonly asked questions in the interview of a  medical representative job. It is suggestible to have knowledge on these questions before attending an MR interview are as follows.

1) Introduce yourself/Tell me about yourself?

Ans) This is the quite common question in every interview.

First thank them for this giving this opportunity to introduce your self. Then explain about your educational background, family background and strengths etc. you don’t have experience but still you can say anything in your college life which will give advantage to this job.

For e.g: While saying about your strengths you can say “I have organising skills , I played major roles in conducting the college seminars/ workshops/ college programs in academic years.” instead of saying I will work hard like that. If you are saying like this you are stating a sentence with a proof/evidence.

2)What is the medical representative role?

Ans) The role of MR is to promote and selling the pharma company’s products. It may be a medicine(tablet, capsule etc) or medical device. He/She is the key person to build a strong professional relationship with the customers. Customers include doctors/pharmacists/retailers etc. He/She is the responsible person for increasing the drug brand awareness in the market as well as act a mediator between the company and customer.

3)Do you know any of our company product.?

Before attending the interview visit their company website first. It gives you an idea about company products along with which disease drugs they are selling/interested in.

4)Why you interested to join in our company?

The answer should be convincing to them, FYI it can be like this.

you are providing a job (Job profile) which is best suits for my educational qualification, knowledge and skills. As a fresher, definitely I can enhance my knowledge and skills by working with this company. I will perform my best for increasing the company sales, if you hire me. Added to this I want to join in a reputed pharma company like yours.

5)For this job vacancy, you are overqualified. What do you say?  

Ans) If you say, I am overqualified for this position, I will take it as a compliment with pleasure. I think just on a certificate basis, may be it is not right to assume that I am overqualified because certificate is issued based on testing the theoretical knowledge. Here the situation is different.

Practical knowledge and experience is important for job here. Presently I am a fresher, I don’t have experience. So in my opinion I don’t think I am overqualified for this job/position.

6) What is the expectation of your salary?

Ans) Being a fresher, first priority is not my salary. I am ready to take the salary according to your company policy hoping that it will full fill my economical needs/requirements.

7) How do you see yourself in next 5 yrs?

Ans) To be honest, its difficult or hard to say. First of all I am looking forward to enhance my skills, knowledge and learning opportunities. I want to be a part of leading roles.

(Or)I hope I see myself in a decent position in this company with greater knowledge, skills and better maturity levels form now.

8) Do you know about our company?

Ans) Visit the company website before attending the interview.

It is the basic question. Their intension is to know your interest towards the company and its job.

9) What are the qualities of a successful medical representative?

Ans) First he/she should have Patience and should be polite in nature. They should have following


-Positive attitude and well mannered.

– Good Communications skills and interpretation skills

– Good listening skills and analytical skills.

– Punctuality and discipline.

– Good knowledge about mechanism of action of drugs and product knowledge.

– Able to handle the unfavourable situations in the filed as well as different kinds of customers.

– Able to assume the mind-set of customers and maintain good professional relationships with the customers.

10) What are your weaknesses?

Ans) You can say anything but it should be the reason for not selecting you to this job. Otherwise you should tell a weakness, it should create a positive opinion on the interviewer’s mind.

For eg: I want to become an over perfectionist, so some times it gives me stress.


If I faced a problem, I work hard and hard to solve it irrespective of the time. Nothing comes to my mind expect the problem solving. So it may adversely effect on my health on long term, It is not good for me.

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