Nelamangala pharma companies address list

Nelamangala pharma companies list:

Here I have provided a list of nelamangala pharma companies list with address. Nearly 10 pharma companies located in the region of dobaspet and nelamangala. Nelamangala is 30 km far from Banglore.

List of nelamangala pharma companies are as follows.

Biogen extracts limited

Address: Plot No. 57, 1st Stage, Sompura Industrial Area, Dobaspet, Bangalore – 562 111, Karnataka, India

Tel: +91 80 4639 2121/22/23/24

Fax No.: +91 80 4639 2131


HR mail ID:

Type: Registered office and plant

Ishaan labs

Address:  Plot No.5A KIADB Indl Area, Dobaspet, Yedehalli Village, Sompura Hobli, Nelamangala, Banglore.

Type: NA

Email: NA

Kemwell Biopharma Pvt Ltd

Address:  34th KM, Tumkur Road, T-Begur, Nelamangala, Bangalore, 562 123, India.

Telephone: (+91-80) 26982400, (+91-80) 26982600


Type: Contract Development and manufacturing Organisation (CDMO) Plant

nelamangala pharma companies

Leonid chemicals Pvt Ltd

Address: Plot No: 30P2, KIADB Industrial Area, Dobaspet, Yedehally Hobli, Somapura Hobli,

Nelamangala Taluk. District Bangalore – 562 111

Phone: + 91 80 27735288 / 27735289


For for marketing related jobs:

For quality control/Assurance jobs:

To apply for general positions -HR/Purchase/Front Office ,Etc., mail your resume to

Type: API plant

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Recipharm pharmaservices pvt ltd

Address:  34th Km, T.Begur, Nelamangala, Banglore rural-562 123

Phone: 9108622911, 9663050311


Type: formulation plant (CMO)

For careers: Visit recipharm pharma services website

Sami labs limited

Address: Plot.4B/4C,KIADB Industrial, Area, Dobaspet Somapura Hobli, Nelamangala, Bangalore

Rural Dist-562111

Type: Manufacturing facility 5

For careers :

Sami labs limited

Address: No. 19/3,20/1 Bavikere village, Kunigal Road, Nelamangala, Banglore, Karnataka

Type: Manufacturing facility 1

HR mail ID:

Vpl chemicals Pvt Ltd

Address: No 64, Sompura Industrial Area, Dobaspet – 562111, Nelmangla Taluk, Bangalore – Rural

Land Line: +91-80-27734119

Mobile : +91 -9980890123,  +91- 9980790123

Fax No.  +91- 80-28601336

For careers visit vpl chemicals website api plant

Wexford Laboratories Pvt Ltd

Address: 18, KIADB Industrial Area, I Phase, Antharasanahalli, Tumkur, Karnataka 572106

Phone: 0816 221 2554

Type: Formulation plant

Wintac limited

Address: #54/1, Budihal, Nelamangala, Bengaluru, -562123 Karnataka, India

Phone: 9606065540, 9606065541, 080-27733-374


Type: Formulation plant

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Diuretics classification mnemonics

Mnemonic for diuretics classification:

Here I have provide mnemonic for diuretics classification.

Mnemonic: R C B L O A T


  1. Diuretics are the drugs which increase the urine outflow and also increase the urine production.
  2. Bloating is a related word for diuretics. (Link)
  3. If retention of urine occurs, it cause abdominal bloating. (Retention of urine causes bloating)

Mnemonic prepared based on Retention and bloating. That is retention causes bloating.

Retention Causes BLOATing (R C BLOAT)

diuretics classification mnemonic

R- Renal epithelial Sodium (Na+) Channel blocker (inhibitor) (Potassium sparing diuretics)

Ex: Amiloride, Triamterene

C- Carbonic Anhydrase inhibitors (Weak diuretics)

Ex: Acetazolamide

B- Benzothaizides (Medium efficiency diuretics)

Ex: Hydrochlorothiazide, Hydroflumethiazide

L- Loop diuretics (High efficiency diuretics)

Ex: Furosemide, Torasemide

O- Osmotic diuretics (Weak diuretics)

Ex: Mannitol, Glycerol

Aldosterone antagonists (Potassium sparing diuretics)

Ex: Spironolactone, Eplerenone

T-Thiazide like diuretics (Medium efficiency diuretics)

Ex: Chlorthiazide, Metolazone.

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