Kandivali pharma companies list

Kandivali pharma industries:

A list of kandivali pharma companies provided here. Kandivali is a nearby area of mumbai. Kandivali 20km far from the mumbai. Pharmaceutical industries in other areas of the mumbai separately provided here. Kandivali pharma companies list are as follows.

Ajanta Pharma Limited:

Address: 98, Ajanta House, Bandar Pakhadi Rd, Kandivali, Charkop Gaon, Kandivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400067

Phone: 022 6606 1000

Farmakon Nutrivet

Address: LG 113 / A, Xth Central Mall, Mahavir Nagar, 90ft Road, Next to D Mart, Kandivali – West, Mumbai – 400067.

Telephone: 0091-22-28022809

Email : biz@farmakonnutrivet.in

Type: Office

Influx healthcare

Address: 109, Ghanshyam Enclave, New Link Road, Behind Laljipada Police Chowky, Kandivali(W), Mumbai -400067, Maharashtra.

Telephone: +91 – 91525 57994, +91 – 80803 33319

Email: influxhealthcare1@gmail.com

Type: Registered office

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Ipca Laboratories Limited

Address: 142 AB, Kandivli Industrial Estate, Kandivli (West), Mumbai – 400 067, Maharashtra

phone:+91 (22) 6647 4747

Type: Corporate office

For careers please visit ipca pharmaceuticals careers website

Ipca Laboratories Limited

Address: 48, Kandivli Industrial Estate, Kandivli (West), Mumbai – 400 067, Maharashtra

Phone:+91 (22) 6647 4444

Type: R&D center

Careers mail: hrd.mumbai@ipca.com / hrdtech.mumbai@ipca.com

Ipca Laboratories Limited

Address: 125, Kandivali Industrial Estate, Kandivli (West), Mumbai – 400 067, Maharashtra

Phone:+91 (22) 6210 5000

Type: Biotech Research & Development Centre

Careers mail: hrd.mumbai@ipca.com / hrdtech.mumbai@ipca.com

Ipca Laboratories Limited

Address:  123-AB, Kandivli Industrial Estate, Kandivli (West), Mumbai – 400 067, Maharashtra

Phone:+91 (22) 6647 4755 / 56

For careers please visit ipca pharmaceuticals careers website

Type: Chemical Research & Development Centre

JPN pharma Pvt Ltd

Address: 1, 2 & 8, Arihant Enclave, Ashok Nagar, Ashok Chakravarty Road, Kandivali (E), Mumbai 400 101.

Telephone: +91.22.6859 6859

Email: info@jpnpharma.net

Type: Office

Rusan Pharma Limited

Address: 58-D, Government Industrial Estate, Charkop, Kandivli (W), Mumbai – 400 067 (India).

Telephone: +91-22-4238 3000, +91-22-2868 2512, +91-22-2868 2515, +91-22-2868 7035.

Fax : +91-22-2868 9056

Email:rusan@bom2.vsnl.net.in, machinery@rusanpharma.com

Type: Corporate office

For careers: Please visit https://careers.rusanpharma.com/

SNA healthcare Pvt Ltd

Address: 125, Gundecha Industrial Complex, Patankar Wadi Akurli Road, Kandivali East, Mumbai – 400101, Maharashtra, India

Phone: 08048737419

Type: Office

Unimax group of companies

Address: Plot No.32, RSC 14/18, Sector 2, Near Sulochana Hospital, Charkop, Kandivli (W), Mumbai-400067, INDIA.

Phone: 91-22-2967 6661/62

Email:info@unimax.co.in /sales@unimax.co.in

Type: Corporate office

Vardhaman Remedies Pvt Ltd

Address: H-405,Gukul Residency, Thakur Village, Near Samata Nagar, Kandivali (E), Mumbai400101

Email : info@vardhamanindia.com

Type: Registered office

VHB life sciences Limited

Address : 50-AB, Government Industrial Estate, Charkop Naka, Kandivali West, Mumbai – 400067, Maharashtra, India

Phone : 08071867575

Type: Office

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B Pharmacy interview exam for freshers – Part 1

B pharmacy job selection process

The job selection process of pharmaceutical companies varies from company to company. Depend upon the company, you may appear for the B Pharmacy interview with or without writing a qualifying exam. Usually the reputed pharmaceutical companies conduct a qualifying exam before selecting candidates for interview. This qualifying exam will helps them to assure that the job aspirant is having minimum basic knowledge about the subject. As well as it helps to reduce the number of candidates appearing for interview.

For eg: 20 positions(Jobs) are available. But 300 candidates came to the interview location. Exam conducted for all the candidates; then top 60 or top 80 graduates selected for the interview based on the marks. Now the Job selection process is based on 1:3 or 1:4 ratio. Out of 3 or 4 candidates they offer job for one candidate.

Here we have given a model B Pharmacy interview exam paper for candidates who are looking for a b pharmacy fresher’s jobs in the pharmaceutical production plant and R&D. This exam contains only multiple choice questions or descriptive type questions or combinations of both.

b paharmacy interview exam

Answer all the questions (Each correct answer carries 2 marks)

  1. Write the chemical names?
    • a. Vitamin B6
    • b. Vitamin B12
  2. Write any two lubricants, which are used in tablets manufacturing?
  3. Write the abbreviations of IP and BP?
  4. What is friability test and how to calculate it?
  5. What are the steps involved in wet granulation process?
  6. Define API and explain it?
  7. Write any two types of formulations and explain it?
  8. Name any two sources of Vitamin C? Write any disease caused by vitamin c deficiency?
  9. What is oxymel?
  10. Expand the UHPLC, TLC, LVP and SVP?



  1. a) Vitamin B6- Pyridoxine
  2. b) Vitamin B12 – Cyanocobalamin

2) Commonly used lubricants are Talc, silica, Stearic acid and Magnesium stearate etc

3) IP full form Indian Pharmacopoeia

BP full form British Pharmacopoeia

4)  Friability test is conducted to know the physical strength of a tablet. It is the withstanding capacity of a tablet when it is on manufacturing and transportation.

It is calculated by using this formula

Friability =(Initial weight- Final weight)/Initial weight * 100

Initial weight in mg- before test

Final weight in mg- after completion of test

5) Following steps involved in the wet granulation process.

  • Mixing
  • Drying
  • Dry screening
  • Fluid bed granulation

6) API is known as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient. First and most important component of any formulation. There is no finished dose formulation is available without an API.

7) Various types of formulations are available

Topical formulations:

This type of formulations are administered by local route, applied on the skin. The active ingredient in formulation does not enter into the systemic circulation.

e.g Topical creams

Parenteral formulations:

These formulations are administered by the parenteral route that in to blood. The ingredients in the formulation is directly enter in the blood. Bioavailability is high for this formulations.

ex: Intravenous Injections

8)  Oranges, Lemons and Tomotos are sources for vitamin C. Severe deficiency of vitamin C causes “scurvy” disease.

9)  Oxymel is a mixture of honey , water and vinegar.

10) UHPLC is known as Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography.

LVP is known as Large Volume Parenteral

SVP is known as Small Volume Parenteral 

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