How to search pharma jobs- Part 1

Search pharma jobs

Based on my experience I am giving you the ways to search pharma jobs. After getting known this information, if you try genuinely, definitely you will get the job. Along with the information am also providing the required urls (uniform resource locator).  So that you can easily redirect to that pages or websites etc.

Methods to search pharma jobs can be divided as shown below.

A. Offline

B. Consultancies

C. Online

A. Offline- by direct contact

First of all we will go through the offline ways, it does not necessarily mean that you are not using help of internet, but it means the major work done through offline.

1. Reference:

In this method, you will approach your senior/relative/friend who are already working in the pharmaceutical industry. You provide them your resume, they will forward it to Human Resource (HR) department. You will get an interview opportunity, if you succeed, you will get the job. Story ends.

2. Resume distribution:

You have to take print outs of your resume. You have to go pharma industrial area (where you will find at least 10-20 pharmaceutical companies) and give your resume to front office/security office. If they have any urgent /bulk requirement with your qualification, you will get an interview call. If you are okay in interview you will get the job. Story ends.

Note:  This is a tedious process. If you want to try this method, definitely you should go to any pharma/biotech industrial area on bike only. If you go on public transport, you can’t give more than 5/6 resumes in a day because pharmaceutical companies/plants are located far away from its next pharma company usually (200-400 meters distance from its next company). Some companies will not allow you to submit the resume. This is the worst experience we have ever faced.

search pharma jobs
3. Campus interviews:

If your college is good and have relationships with the employers, your first interview call will be offered from your college itself. But this percentage is very less.

4. Job fair:

These are usually conducted by Non profit organisations or colleges. Any body can attend this job or sometimes registration should be done. Care should be taken in job fair if you are going to pay money. There is no specific job fair conducted for only pharma people point of view. Pharma specific job fairs are rare. Job fairs usually conducted on colleges or grounds on specified dates.

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Due to large number of students, they don’t have time to take interview. They will take resumes or contact numbers. Most of the times, non-technical jobs will be recruited by this way. If you need a technical job suitable for your qualification, you have to try other methods.

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B. Job Consultancies

This a paid method. Other discussed methods in this website are free to use and there is no involvement of third party person apart from you and employer. Choosing a good consultancy is important in this method. Job consultancies has it’s own advantages and disadvantages.


If you find a good trusted consultancy,

You need not to do anything to get an interview call.

You will have freedom to choose your interested department.

No need to strain more to get the reference.


You have to pay money

There is a chance of cheating (For ex. Consultancies should have an official tie up with the employers. Some consultancies have an individual tie-ups with HOD/HRs (this is not a correct way) to recruit the employees. If everything goes good, no problem. Other wise recruited employees will be treated as a back door employee).

Note: If you are preferring this method, try to pay major portion of the charged amount after receiving the first month salary only. If you get the salary on time like other employees, It is a sign of official confirmation from your employer. 

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This is the first part of how to search pharma jobs. Next part of ‘how to search pharma jobs’ discuss the online ways to search the pharma jobs.

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Job opportunities after M Pharm Pharmacology -Part 3

This is the continuation of m pharm pharmacology jobs part 2

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6. Online publisher companies:

These types of jobs also available for every filed of pharmacy. Pharmacology graduates work for the clinical, medical and life sciences related journals. After receiving a few manuscripts per day, you have to correct, edit, accept or reject the manuscript for publishing. It is a systematic process, if you are doing you may be promoted to curator to reviewer(the next level of designation). This is a desktop job.

Other conference conducting companies are also available. Usually the same company work as an online publisher along with conducting the conferences. These two are interlinked. You are aware of conferences like IPC(Indian Pharmaceutical Congress), World Pharma Congress etc. (Probably you are already attended some conference in your academics). M Pharmacy graduates are recruited to co-ordinate and manage the conferences, summits. Work is inviting the related scientists, professors and scientific personnel’s through mails and calls. If you worked well, finishing the targets effectively and went to next level like conference co-ordinator(Team Leader), you may go to foreign countries (where your conference is scheduled like newzeland, Australia etc)  a few days for coordinating the conference. Communication, management skills are important for this type of job. The working hours will be a little change depend upon which country conference you are working for.  Here also there is a chance of bulk recruitment drive if they need work force. If you need any further guidance ask your questions in the comment box or contact us through mail.

 7) CDM:

            M pharm pharmacology jobs are available in CDM. CDM is known as Clinical Data Management. It deals with the clinical data by applying various computer based applications. It involves collecting, processing , cleaning and management of subject or clinical trial data according to the project specific guidelines. It usually contains 3 phases like startup, conduct and close out phase. It starts from crf@ and database design to database lock.

Coming to M pharm pharmacology jobs, Jr. Clinical Data Associate (Jr. CDA) designated vacancies are available for freshers. You can learn the CDM course or you can directly face the interview without doing any additional course after M pharm. You should have the good knowledge on clinical trials and its phases.Every sponsor company will not have this CDM department on their own or they will outsource their work to Pharmaceutical service providing IT companies. If the sponsor have more stringent regulatory products in the market or they are focusing on new drug applications they have their own teams. Even other M pharm graduates can also try for this jobs, but pharmacology graduates are preferred.  

@ CRF is known as Clinical Report Form, It is essential for recording the clinical trial data. Paper CRF(Manual) or eCRF(electronic)s are types of CRFs.

 8) Pharmacovigilance:

            It deals with the adverse reactions and helps to improve the patient care and public safety in relation to the use of drugs. This concept(Drug safety and adverse drug reaction reporting) was more concentrated from thalidomide disaster@@ onwards(after 1961). Two types of ADR reporting is done. They are spontaneous reporting and mandatory reporting.

Coming to the m pharm pharmacology jobs, Drug Safety Associate designated vacancies are available. Job profile includes extracting  and submitting the ICSRs(Individual Case Safety Reports), Literature surveillance of ADRs, Signal detection(is known as reporting the casual association of drug with adverse event, which is not clearly reported previously), preparing the PSURs(Periodic Safety Update Reports). These are all regulatory requirements for detecting, assessing and preventing the adverse reactions of drugs to improve patient safety. Different types of software tools are used in pharmacovigilance. E.g Vigi flow, ARISg, Argus, Vigibase etc. These tools are preferred based the sponsor’s marketed product approved regulatory authority. Like ARISg is mostly used by drug manufacturers in Europe, Argus is used by drug manufacturer in USA and VigiFlow is used by national pharmacovigilance centres of the WHO Programme for International Drug Monitoring. You can learn the pharmacovigilance course otherwise you can directly try for the interview. Although other m pharmacy graduates are eligible for this job, pharmacology graduates are preferred for this job.

@@Thalidomide is a teratogen, it is used to prevent morning sickness during pregnancy in nearly 40 countries. It caused birth defects (phocomelia) in thousands of babies(more 10,000 birth defects in Germany itself).

Thalidomide tragedy


These are the possible job opportunities after m pharm pharmacology. Choosing a correct job is depends upon your interest and your priorities only. Every type of above mentioned fields have their own advantages and disadvantages. It may include form salary, career growth in future, work shift timings etc. Please try to get a job which fits you well. Doing your interested job gives you satisfaction. I hope this information will help to comparing and selecting the suitable job for our pharmacology graduates.

I have seen some practical cases in my life, some people will join in one of the above mentioned filed. Getting 1or 2 years experience, they may shift to another filed which they are actually interested. It  will not only waste the time but also their career, because the working experience will not be considered for the second field, again it will start from zero experience and growth. It will happens because of lack of knowledge related to job opportunities. So carefully select your first job and build your career successfully.

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