B pharmacy job aspirants and their opinion towards a reference

Job is the ultimate goal of a graduated student. Every one relocates from their proper or graduated locations in to a place where their jobs are provided, usually to cities for searching a job. First thing they obviously do is, approaching their seniors to know some information about b pharmacy career and asking for a reference to get a job. If they don’t get a reference, they will feel disappointment also. Remember one thing, reference alone will not make any miracle to get a job. Some people who are having a strong reference (like managers) may also think like that I have a job reserved for me and I need not to search anywhere, but it is not correct all the time.
Although you have a strong reference from a high level designated employee, they don’t have the authority to create the job, they can provide you a job only if they have vacancies in their plant/unit. Fresher’s have a misconception in their mind about reference concept. Remember reference is just an opportunity for your interview to get a job, but it does not mean a fixed positive decision to get a job placement. If you are not performed interview well, no one can save you even if you have a good reference.


I observed that some kind of job aspirants who approached me for a reference /suggestion, they are giving the whole responsibility to those people who are giving reference /suggestions. It will not at all work. Themselves are responsible for their jobs and their career if they get a job or don’t get a job depends on them only.


Reference increases one of your opportunities to get a job, but it is not the one and only way to get a b pharmacy job. Irrespective of the reference you have to try hard to get opportunities. There are several other ways to get interview opportunities to get a placement. If you have the reference it is well and good, if you don’t have a reference, leave it and forget. Improve your subject knowledge for b pharmacy interview. Know the ways to improve your interview opportunities and stay away from all the distractions (or disappointments) which will usually come in that job searching period. Change your attitude and stay alert, definitely you will get the job.


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Walk-in interview at Caplin Point Laboratories Ltd. on December 10th 2017

Caplin point was started in 1990 to manufacture semisolid preparations like ointments, creams and other external applications.
Today it is has a more than 2000 product licences all over the world which includes Latin America, Southen Africa, Caribbean and Fracophone.
Now it is entering into the regulatory marketing for injectables and the plant is approved by US FDA, EU GMP, INVIMA-Columbia and ANVISA- Brazil.
Caplin point laboratories are lookin for 2-8 years experienced employees in multiple departments.
Qualification: B.pharm/ M.pharma/ M.Sc/ B.Sc
For more details about the company please visit here