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It is a district in former Telangana state. Previously, It has nearly 45 pharma companies (nearly 70 pharma company plants) located under the region of this district. Due to reformation of Telangana districts, 10 districts of former Telangana divided into 31 districts at present. Medak district is divided into Medak, Sangareddy and Siddipet districts. Due to this change, presently only two pharma companies coming under this region. Presently the most of the remaining companies comes under the region of Sangareddy district (patanchervu and bollaram industrial area belongs to this district at present), a few companies went to Siddipet district.

20 mandals present in Medak district. Only Astrica laboratories and MSN life sciences coming under this newly separated district.

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Following are addresses these two companies.

Astrica Laboratories

Address: Ananthasagar (V), Chegunta (M), Medak (Dist) District, Telangana State, India.

HR mail ID:

HR contact number:73373 88563

Type: API Plant

For more information, visit the company website

MSN  Life sciences pvt ltd

Address: Unit I, Sy no:454 to459, Chengunta location, chandampet (V),

Shankarampet (R) (M), Medak (Dist)-502255, Telangana.

Fax : +91-8458-305947

Contact number: +91-8458-275488

HR Mail ID:

Type: Api Plant

For more information visit company website

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