How to search pharma jobs- Part 1

Search pharma jobs

Based on my experience I am giving you the ways to search pharma jobs. After getting known this information, if you try genuinely, definitely you will get the job. Along with the information am also providing the required urls (uniform resource locator).  So that you can easily redirect to that pages or websites etc.

Methods to search pharma jobs can be divided as shown below.

A. Offline

B. Consultancies

C. Online

A. Offline- by direct contact

First of all we will go through the offline ways, it does not necessarily mean that you are not using help of internet, but it means the major work done through offline.

1. Reference:

In this method, you will approach your senior/relative/friend who are already working in the pharmaceutical industry. You provide them your resume, they will forward it to Human Resource (HR) department. You will get an interview opportunity, if you succeed, you will get the job. Story ends.

2. Resume distribution:

You have to take print outs of your resume. You have to go pharma industrial area (where you will find at least 10-20 pharmaceutical companies) and give your resume to front office/security office. If they have any urgent /bulk requirement with your qualification, you will get an interview call. If you are okay in interview you will get the job. Story ends.

Note:  This is a tedious process. If you want to try this method, definitely you should go to any pharma/biotech industrial area on bike only. If you go on public transport, you can’t give more than 5/6 resumes in a day because pharmaceutical companies/plants are located far away from its next pharma company usually (200-400 meters distance from its next company). Some companies will not allow you to submit the resume. This is the worst experience we have ever faced.

search pharma jobs
3. Campus interviews:

If your college is good and have relationships with the employers, your first interview call will be offered from your college itself. But this percentage is very less.

4. Job fair:

These are usually conducted by Non profit organisations or colleges. Any body can attend this job or sometimes registration should be done. Care should be taken in job fair if you are going to pay money. There is no specific job fair conducted for only pharma people point of view. Pharma specific job fairs are rare. Job fairs usually conducted on colleges or grounds on specified dates.

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Due to large number of students, they don’t have time to take interview. They will take resumes or contact numbers. Most of the times, non-technical jobs will be recruited by this way. If you need a technical job suitable for your qualification, you have to try other methods.

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B. Job Consultancies

This a paid method. Other discussed methods in this website are free to use and there is no involvement of third party person apart from you and employer. Choosing a good consultancy is important in this method. Job consultancies has it’s own advantages and disadvantages.


If you find a good trusted consultancy,

You need not to do anything to get an interview call.

You will have freedom to choose your interested department.

No need to strain more to get the reference.


You have to pay money

There is a chance of cheating (For ex. Consultancies should have an official tie up with the employers. Some consultancies have an individual tie-ups with HOD/HRs (this is not a correct way) to recruit the employees. If everything goes good, no problem. Other wise recruited employees will be treated as a back door employee).

Note: If you are preferring this method, try to pay major portion of the charged amount after receiving the first month salary only. If you get the salary on time like other employees, It is a sign of official confirmation from your employer. 

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This is the first part of how to search pharma jobs. Next part of ‘how to search pharma jobs’ discuss the online ways to search the pharma jobs.

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How to find pharma jobs –Part 2:

Find pharma jobs:

This is the continuation of How to find pharma jobs part 1. This post briefly discuss the ways to find pharma jobs. We have covered almost all the ways to find a pharma jobs. We have also provided the website links for easy access.

C. Online- Websites, Email:

Technology has improved. Nowadays there is a lot of ways to know the pharma recruitment posts. 10 years this is not the situation. Different types of websites are available in the internet. Here I am providing the 4 major/ types of websites mentioned here.


Number of different pharmaceutical related groups or pages are maintained in the Facebook. Most of these groups are started eagerly but not maintained properly on time basis. Our website supported Facebook page named “Pharma recruitment news” provides job related posts published frequently to find the pharma jobs. You can like this page “Pharma recruitment news.

According to my knowledge following groups/ pages updates vacancies related posts daily.

srinipharmacy jobs:  v inform u perform job confirm: This is a public group. Nearly 65 thousand members joined in this group. This group is especially useful for those people  who are looking for  a job change or for a fresher job. You can join V inform U perform group to find the pharma jobs.

PHDp (PHARMA HEALTHCARE DISCUSSION) Platform: This is a closed group. I think this is a group which is known to every person related to pharma industry. It is a general group but also we can know the different pharma recruitment posts uploaded by the different group members. It is a group with more than 1.2 lakh members, biggest pharma group to find pharma jobs as well as other information. You can request to join this group here.

Other several groups are present in the Facebook but these groups are most suggestible groups.

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2. Linkedin:

It is a professional website with professionals. You have to create account like other social networking sites to use the website. Request/ask any information from the senior professional related to your career. You can’t expect positive response from every professional you message. You may take their contact number also if they give. To get a positive response, you should have a little knowledge about their company or person (Like same college/other colleague in the same company etc.).

Majority of times, nobody will give you direct reference, the simple reason is you are unknown to them. After getting an interview call, if you approach them, they may help you out.  You can also find pharma jobs from job posts provided from other members in your connections.

To get more recruitment news, you have to follow the more HR professionals. Upto 30,000 connections you can have in the linkedin.

3. Job portal sites:

There are number of job portals available. Top job portals include naukri, shine, times job, monster or monster india etc. Basic rule for getting opportunity call is completing the 100% profile along with email & phone verification. You have to visit these job portals daily and should modify the information more or less. Dedicated apps available every mentioned above job portals. It’s better to use a app than using a website. Definitely it gives you the interview opportunity whether you are a fresher or experienced. Mail should be checked daily once to know the interview call. Sometimes recruiter informs through mail only if they have more number of vacancies.

 Paid plans are also provided in these job portals by saying that employer’s visibility point of view. But free plan is enough to get a fewer opportunities. If you are required to get more opportunities, you can upgrade your plan for some time during job searching period.

4. Other Individual websites:

A lot of pharma recruitment posts providing website are also available in the internet. Unfortunately, a very few websites updated regularly on time basis. You can find pharma jobs using these following websites.   

Visit Pharmawisdom website

Go to pharmatutor website

Visit website

Go to srinivasulu thirumalshetty blog

Visit pharma goal blogspoth

Note: These above mentioned websites are updated regularly at this time for recruitment. The order of websites list may be changed in near future. Every website can not update posts for longer periods if they don’t have a dedicated team for updating the posts. If you observe any job providing websites, recruitment posts may be updated regularly for a particular period of time but not for a long time because it is not an easy task for small websites without having dedicated personal.

5. Company websites:

Most of the times, usually every pharma company website contains a separate section for careers. The organizing way and details given in this section may be different for each website. Some websites only allows you to upload your resume only. Other websites provides vacancies list in their company. Some other websites provide only general hr mail ids. If you come to know any vacancies available, you can apply to get an interview call. You can find pharma jobs from this type of websites.

Every website provides careers section on their website but only a very few companies use and update the posts actively. In case of these websites only, you may have chance to get opportunities.

Here I have mentioned some actively mentioned pharmaceutical company websites.

Visit Thexa pharma careers

View Spira labs careers section

Visit Spectrum pharma website

Go to Sapala organics website

Visit Medibios careers section

Here I have given only 5 websites list. Actively updating company websites list will be provided soon in our website.

6. Email:

In our website, we have provided the location wise list of pharmaceutical companies. It includes address, contact number as well HR mail IDs wherever possible. So you can mail your resume to that HR mail IDs. At particular time, if the company needs work force, you may have chance to get the opportunity call.

7. Whatsapp:

Some of the above mentioned websites also maintains the whatsapp groups. They will post newly updated recruitment posts in their group. If you are interested in any vacancies, you can view the post through the given link.

8. SMS:

Previously, most of the websites provides recruitment posts through the SMS services. Smart phones replaced the feature phones. Whatsapp occupied the position of SMS. So everyone is preferring to maintain whatsapp groups.  

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