How to calculate human Body Surface Area manually?

 Q) Calculate the body surface area of a person with 1.6 m height and 80 kgs weight?
Ans) We can calculate the Body Surface Area(BSA) by following two methods
 1) By Mosteller formula
2) By DuBois formula:

1) Mosteller formula:

BSA(m2) =


Height = 1.6 m =160 cm
Weight = 80 kg


= 1.88 m2

2) DuBois formula:
BSA (m2 ) = 0.007184 X W0.425X H0.725
                          = 0.007184 X 800.425X 160 0.725
                         = 0.007184 X 6.43 X 39.6
                   = 1.83 m2
Note: There are several body surface area calculators are available in the internet. This is the way to calculate the body surface area by hand.

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