Bonthapally pharma companies list


It is a village actually belongs to Jinnaram Mandal Medak district. Due to reorganisation of Telangana districts, presently bonthapally coming under Sangareddy district Gummadidala Mandal(Newly formed).

It is nearly 40 km far from the secunderabad (Hyderabad).  Veerabadra swamy temple is famous here. Public transport (Buses) available to this place from the secunderabad.

Following are the pharma companies list along with address and HR mail ID.

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Granules India Limited

Address: Unit I and Unit III, Sy. No. 216, 533, 535, 536 and 537, IDA Bonthapally(V),

Gummadidala (M),Sangareddy (Dist) -502 235, Telangana.

HR mail ID: For job apply from the Granules India website

Contact number: 040 3066 0000

Type: Api plant

Hetero Drugs Limited

Address: Unit-IV, Survey No: 599, Temple Road,

Bonthapally(V), Gummadidala (M), Sangareddy (Dist) – 502 313, Telangana.

HR mail ID: For job apply from the Hetero website

Contact number: NA

Type: NA

Honour Labs Ltd.

Address: Honour Lab Limited, Unit 1, Survey No.: 200,202,203E,204 & 206A, Bonthapalli(V),

Gummadidala (M), Sangareddy (Dist), Telangana, 502313

HR email ID:

Careers contact number: 9100440473, 9100314256

Type: Api plant

Jenerx Pharma Solutions

Address: Sy. No. 608 to 613,Bonthapally(V),

Gummadidhala (M), Sangareddy (Dist),Hyderabad-502 313, Telangana.

Contact number: +91 8008508919


Type: Pellet plant

bonthapally gummadidala sangareddy map

Maithri Drugs Pvt Ltd

Address: Sy No. 205, 222 to 226, IDA Bonthapally(V),

Gummadidala (M), Sangareddy (Dist) – 502 313, Telangana.

HR mail ID: NA

Contact number: +91-8458-275050

Fax: +91-8458-275093

Type: Api plant

Neuland Laboratories Limited

Address: Unit 1: Survey No: 474, 347, 490/2, 488G& 489A, Bonthapally(V),

Veerabhadraswamy Temple Road, Gummadidala (M), Sangareddy (Dist) -502313, Telangana.

HR mail ID: For job opportunity, apply from the company website.

Contact number: 08458-392724

Type: API plant

Symed labs limited-Unit I

Address: Bonthapally (V), Gummadidala (M), Sangareddy(Dist), Telangana

Contact number: +91 40 23635000 (Reception-Head office)

For careers apply from the symed labs website 

Type: Api plant

Virchow Drugs Limited

Address:  Sy. No. 639 (Part), IDA Bonthapalli(V), Gummadidala (M), Sangareddy (Dist)- 500 055, Telangana.

HR mail ID:;

Contact number: +91‐9246282477

Type: Plant

Bonthapally belongs to Gummadidala mandal. Apart from these pharma companies in this village, another two companies located in Gummadidala mandal mambapur(V) and Annaram village.

Annora pharma pvt ltd

Address: Sy No.261, Plot no 13 To 14, Annaram (V), Gummadidala (M), sangareddy (Dist)-502313,Telangana

Contact number: NA

EMail : NA

Type: NA

MSN lifesciences Pvt Ltd

Address: Sy No- 21/A & 21AA, Mambapur(V), Gummadidala (M), Sangareddy (Dist)- 502313, Telangana.

Career mail ID: or you can Visit msn labs website for applying job opportunities

Contact number: 08458-275488

Fax: +91-8458-305947

Type: Api plant

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