Important things to do after B pharmacy


Appearing for final exam and submitting the answer sheet to the invigilator fills us with a great feeling and joy. It is one of most memorable joyful moments of our life. Now we are free from all these brain eating examinations, Pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, Pharmcognosy etc. We need not to touch any of the book from now onwards. We need not to do anything except those things which will give happiness to us.
Relax, refresh and rejuvenate yourself. Everything is okay up to the time when you get the examination results. At least it will take one to one and half month. At this time  No one will question you. After that what we have to do? And what are the important things we have to know? This is our topic now.
Getting results through the website is different and receiving your certificate from the college is different. It will take another two to two and half months. It means from the time of appearing final examinations to receiving the all certificates takes at least three months. There are several options to proceed like job, m pharmacy, research (b pharm students have a chance directly enter into the research field) etc. Whatever may be the case, all have to know these things.

PCI Registration:

Know about how to register as a pharmacist as per your state pharmacy council. Every state pharmacy council have their own websites. Those websites provide you every required information very clearly.
 For example To visit Telangana state council click here
          To visit Andhra Pradesh pharmacy council click here
While receiving all the certificates(Transfer certificate, Short memo, CMM) from your college, you have to apply for some other certificate (like provisional certificate, It may vary from university to university).  After getting all those certificates, now you are ready for the applying of pharmacist registration. Go along with your friends to pharmacy council office and apply it. Remember it is one of the few places (apart from your GPAT or PGECET examination centers) where all of us, like pharmacy people will come here. Really it’s a different feeling. At examination centres everyone looks tension on their face, but here it is not the situation.

            Soft copies:

Scan all your certificates and save it to your mail drive safely. It is very much useful in your future. Whenever you require it in your future and you can easily use and retrieve it. Apart from that, you should definitely have your all copies of your certificates in soft copies because its your own certificates right.


Apart from campus interview, you don’t get a chance to show your resume in B pharmacy level. Apart from M pharmacy admission, wherever you go the resume is very important. So prepare your resume, know about it and try to create a good looking resume with all required details. Prepare and place in it the mail with a clear name or in a easily accessible folder why because when you want to take resume printouts in internet centre they will not give you that much time to search every mail to identify the resume mostly. Remember one thing, don’t edit the resume in the internet (I mean when you have enough time), edit the resume only when you have free time. Any mistake in the phone number or mail address results loss of your interview chance.

            Communication skills:

Communication skills are very much important in interviews. Apart from your subject knowledge , it is one of the major factor to decide whether you should be in or out of the interview office. You may be very good in your regional language communication, but it won’t help you in the interview. You need to speak in English, you need to express your views in English. To improve communication you need not to study any English vocabulary books(you just completed a 4 years course in English).Purely it’s a practice, you just try to observe that how you are communicating in your daily life? How you are answering the questions faced by you?, How you are expressing your views to others?. First come to an idea about your communication level and speaking fluency. Then try to take some measures to improve it.  
            Whatever work or assignment you want to do in your life, you don’t  apply any negative impression to that work or assignment. Take it simply and Think like this “This is a very common work and could be done by anyone very easily, now this is my turn” That’s it.
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