M Pharmacy Pharmacology Job opportunities – Part 2

This is the continuation of job opportunities after m pharmacy pharmacology part 1

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3. Research centres:

If you are interested in research filed, you can write the national wide CSIR NET exam(B Pharmacy itself is eligible for this exam). You will get a scholarship of 32,500 per month as a Junior Research Fellowship(JRF) and you can complete the full time phd. It takes nearly 4- 5 years time.

If you are not qualifying the exam but still want to work in research field, then try for CSIR laboratories like Indian Institute of Chemical Technology(IICT), Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology(CCMB) etc. They will take you as Research Associate in their project after taking an interview. It will be on contract basis only for that particular project. This experience will be useful for your further research opportunities as well as for Phd. To find a job like this, you have to visit their websites continuously to finding the vacancies. For your information get csir laboratories related to lifesciences .

4) Medical/informatics solutions companies:

These are different from the pharmaceutical industry, but it will serve the pharmaceutical industry(It may serve the technology industry also). Job opportunities after M pharm is as follows in the following named designations.

Jr. Scientific content developer:

These vacancies are available for fresher. Their work is to conducting the efficient literature survey, proofreading of manuscripts, abstracts, scientific communications, content presentation etc. Required skills for this jobs is efficient internet browsing skills, using email applications and proficiency in MS Office( MS Word,MS Excel and MS Power point)

Medical content writer:

Content writer means nothing but writing the content. Here medical content writer/medical writer writes the scientific reports, documents, promotional literature and publication articles etc. If you want become a medical writer first you should able to understand the raw data produced by the researcher and you should have subject knowledge and the terminology, along English writing skills. These types of jobs available for every filed of pharmacy which may be pharmacology or pharmaceutics etc.


Jr. Research Associate/Analyst:

Depend upon the company providing services, various jobs are available. First of all they will take you for Trainee position. After 6 months of probation period, usually they will promote you as a permanent employee with changing the designation to JRA. Work is different from project to project you are working for. Here I am mentioning a few of the work concepts.

  • If you are working for the clinical related database, you will be provided some molecules per day, according to their database required details, you have to search in the internet and produce the required data and arrange into rules of that database. or if,
  • You are assigned for the subject wise article related project, you will be provided some articles per day, you have to summarise those articles and produce the information in the database according to their rules.or if,
  • You are recruited for the SAR(Structural Activity Relationship) project, you have to write the IUPAC names and draw the structure in the database(These jobs are preferred to Msc organic chemistry, M pharm Medicinal chemistry graduates)

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These types of job opportunities after m pharm are available to every filed of pharmacy depend upon the companies and their clients requirement. All these are desktop jobs. So there is a chance to take bulk recruitment drives if they need work force. If you need any further guidance ask your questions in the comment box or contact us through mail.

5. M pharmacy jobs in Hospitals:

Apart from pharmacist jobs in hospitals, other job opportunities after m pharm are also available in the hospitals for conducting the studies. Its better to say clinical research centre rather than saying a hospital. Because hospital is anything which will treat patient diseases whether it may a small or big hospital. But every hospital will not engage in the research. Here we have to know about ethics committees**. Those hospitals(clinical research centres) having Ethics Committee only can take the permission to conduct the clinical studies. These studies may include drug or medical devices.

**Previously independent ethics committees are available to give the permission to conduct the research in humans. Presently Institutional ethics committees are available to give the permission in human studies mostly.


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