Pharmacology mnemonics for Oral antidiabetic drug classification

Pharmacology mnemonics:

We have provided here pharmacology mnemonics for diabetes drug classification.

Oral anti-diabetic drug classification:

Pharmacology mnemonics for oral anti-diabetic drug classification- M S D B A T A D S


  1. If you are thinking about Type-2 diabetes mellitus, insulin resistance is the main problem.
  2. Physical activity can deal with insulin resistance. Body muscle can effectively use the glucose while doing the physical exercise.
  3. Cricket is an international game which involves physical activity helpful for diabetics also (Link). Of course every out door game involves physical activity/exercise. For this purpose I used cricket.
  4. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, a famous Indian cricketer. (Keyword(MSD)- M S Dhoni).
  5. Cricket is played using a bat (Keyword(BAT)- BAT)
  6. MS Dhoni, a famous Indian cricketer and captain, most deserved player for branding the advertisements (Keyword(ADS)- ADvertisementS)

Pharmacology mnemonics antidiabetic drug classificaiton

Now the anti-diabetics drug classification mnemonic created by these keywords. (Mahendra Singh Dhoni, BAT, Advertisements)

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, BAT, ADS

M- Meglitinides/Phenylalanine analouges

S-Sulfonyl ureas

D- DPP4 (Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4) Inhibitors

B- Biguanides

T- Thiazolidinediones

A- Alpha(a) Glucosidase Inhibitors (‘A’ from BAT, written here)

A- Amylin analogues

D- Dopamine 2 (D2) receptor agonist

S- Sodium Glucose Co-transporter 2 (SGLT-2) inhibitors.

Note: M S D drugs enhance the insulin secretion,

B T ( B- Biguanides & Thiazolidinediones) helps to overcome the insulin resistance.

Remaining A A D S drugs miscellaneous drugs having different types of mechanism of action.

I hope by this explanation, you definitely remember the diabetic drug classification forever.

Remember, anyone can make mnemonics, it is not a tough job. But creating a remembering link between mnemonics and its information matters here.

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pharmacology mnemonics nsaids (Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs)

pharmacology mnemonics nsaids:

I have provided pharmacology mnemonics nsaids (Non- Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs) here.

Mnemonics for NSAIDS: B A S P E S P F 3P (PPP)


  1. If Nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs comes to your mind, easily you can recollect ASPIRIN.(Link)
  2. Do you know: It is the first NSAID drug produced in the year of 1897 by a chemist named Felix hoffmann from Bayer pharmaceutical company. (Link)
  3. Aspirin is used for mainly for fever, pain and heart attack patients to reducing platelets clumping action(thinning the blood to avoid clot formation). Now for our purpose, I used aspirin also used for fever and pain, not one pain three pains (Like three P’s (P P P))

Here, Bayer, Aspirin, pains are the keywords. So Mnemonic created as Bayers ASPirin ESPecially for Fever 3 Pains that is P P P.

pharmacology mnemonics nsaids

B- Benzoxazocine derivatives (Analgesic anti-pyretic with poor inflammatory actions)

A- Acetic acid derivatives (Non-selective COX inhibitors)

S- Salicylates (Non-selective COX inhibitors)

P- Propinonic acid derivatives (Non-selective COX inhibitors)

E- Enolic acid derviatives (Non-selective COX inhibitors)

S- Selective COX-2 inhibitors

P- Pyrazolone derivatives (Non-selective COX inhibitors)

F- Fenamates (Non-selective COX inhibitors)

P- Preferential COX-2 inhibitors

P- Pyrazolone derivatives (Analgesic anti-pyretic with poor inflammatory actions)

P- Para aminophenol derivatives (Analgesic anti-pyretic with poor inflammatory actions)

First, try to recollect all the drug classification names for this codes, then rearrange the subcategories, according to category.

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For eg: For Code B- Benzoxazoncine derivatives should come in the bottom of the Analgesic anti-pyretic with poor inflammatory actions category, but It came in the first line.

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