ANS Pharmacology mnemonics for ANS drug classification

ANS Pharmacology mnemonics (For classification):

I have provided here ANS pharmacology mnemonics for adrenergic drug classification:

Two types of drug classification available for adrenergic drugs. One in alpha(a) agonists, alpha(a) blockers, beta(b) agonist, beta(b) blockers.

Here I have given mnemonics for another adrenergic drug classification which i observed from “Pharmacological classification of drugs with doses and preparations 5th edition” by KD tripathi.

Pharmacology mnemonics for adrenergic drug classification- A C C N B P U

ans pharmacology mnemonics


  1. These are the drug classification which mimics the action of adrenaline.
  2. Coming to the adrenaline actions, adrenaline used for reversing the severe low blood pressure and in case of severe allergic reactions (Anaphylaxis) caused by histamine to reduce inflammatory responses.

A C C N B P U – Adrenaline Can Cause Normal Blood Pressure Up

A- Anorectics

C- CNS stimulants

C- Cardiac stimulants

N- Nasal decongestants

B- Bronchodilators

P- Pressor agents

U- Uterine relaxants

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