Pharmacology mnemonics for CHF drug classification

Pharmacology mnemonics- CHF drug classification:

Pharmacology mnemonics for (Congestive Heart Failure) CHF Drug classification for   provided here.

CHF drug classification:

Pharmacology mnemonics for CHF drug classification- A A  A V A  H B T  C S P


  1. I followed a different procedure to create this mnemonic. I considered a sequential procedure of a Congestive heart person(from ischemic heart disease point of view). It starts from disease(medical condition) mechanism to its treatment.
  2. Congestive heart failure may be due to systolic dysfunction or due to diastolic dysfunction. Ischemic Heart Disease is also a reason for CHF.
  3. Coronary arteries supply oxygenated blood to the heart muscles. When fat(plaque) deposited on the coronary artery, blood flow is restricted to reach heart muscle. (Keyword- Abnormal artery). It leads to abnormal vascular activity. Due to block in the artery, it is not supplying blood to in normal manner. (Keyword- Abnormal vascular activity)
  4. If any symptoms experienced by the patient, he has to be tested, the doctor would recommend angiogram (Key word-Heart block test angiogram)
  5. Block is detected, so the patient has to under go operation for stent placement as a treatment option. (Key word- Cardiac stent placement)
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Now Congestive heart failure created by all these keywords.

Abnormal Artery leads to Abnormal Vascular Activity leads to Heart Block Test Angiogram leads to Cardiac Stent Placement (A A A V A H B T C S P)

Remember, I have used Abnormal Artery (A A) instead of Abnormal Coronary Artery (ACP) at the starting letters of mnemonics.

A- ACE inhibitors (Renin angiotensin inhibitor)

A- Angiotensin (AT1) receptor inhibitor (Renin angiotensin inhibitor)

A- Arteriolar vasodilator

V- Venodilators

A- Arteriolar+ Venodilators

H- High ceiling loop diuretics

B- Beta (b) adrenergic blockers

T- Thiazide like diuretics

A- Aldosterone antagonists

C- Cardiac glycosides

S- Sympathomimetics

P- PDE3(Phosphodiesterase) inhibitors.

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