Diuretics classification mnemonics

Mnemonic for diuretics classification:

Here I have provide mnemonic for diuretics classification.

Mnemonic: R C B L O A T


  1. Diuretics are the drugs which increase the urine outflow and also increase the urine production.
  2. Bloating is a related word for diuretics. (Link)
  3. If retention of urine occurs, it cause abdominal bloating. (Retention of urine causes bloating)

Mnemonic prepared based on Retention and bloating. That is retention causes bloating.

Retention Causes BLOATing (R C BLOAT)

diuretics classification mnemonic

R- Renal epithelial Sodium (Na+) Channel blocker (inhibitor) (Potassium sparing diuretics)

Ex: Amiloride, Triamterene

C- Carbonic Anhydrase inhibitors (Weak diuretics)

Ex: Acetazolamide

B- Benzothaizides (Medium efficiency diuretics)

Ex: Hydrochlorothiazide, Hydroflumethiazide

L- Loop diuretics (High efficiency diuretics)

Ex: Furosemide, Torasemide

O- Osmotic diuretics (Weak diuretics)

Ex: Mannitol, Glycerol

Aldosterone antagonists (Potassium sparing diuretics)

Ex: Spironolactone, Eplerenone

T-Thiazide like diuretics (Medium efficiency diuretics)

Ex: Chlorthiazide, Metolazone.

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