Antiepileptic drug classification mnemonics

Antiepileptic drug classification mnemonics:

I have given mnemonics for antiepileptic drug classification.

Antiepileptic drug classification mnemonic- B D S P I N A C H


  1. Epilepsy is a neurological defect. Folic acid (Vitamin B9) is one of the essential vitamin for maintaining the nervous system healthy. (Link)
  2. If you observe keenly, Spinach is a good source of Folic acid (I.e vitamin B9). (Link)
  3. Now I am assuming like if you are taking the spinach daily two times, you will get enough folic acid, it will improve the nervous system health. So it may help in the epilepsy as well.
  4. Twice daily is written as “BD” (Two time as day) in the prescription, you know it very well.

antiepileptic drug classification

Now the mnemonic created by the using “BD” and “SPINACH”

That is B D S P I N A C H

B- Barbiturates (Eg. Phenobarbitone)

D- Deoxy barbiturates (Eg. Primidone)

S- Succinimides (Eg: Ethosuximide)

P- Phenyltriazine (Eg: Lamotrigine)

I- Iminostilbene (Eg: Carbamazepine)

N- Newer agents (Eg: Topiramate, Levetiracetam)

A- Aliphatic carboxylic acid (Eg: Valproic acid)

C- Cyclin GABA analogues (Eg: Gabepentin)

H- Hydantoin (Eg: Phenytoin)

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