Peptic ulcer drugs classification mnemonics

Peptic ulcer drugs classification mnemonics

Here I have provided mnemonic for Peptic ulcer drugs classification. A small and simple classification available for this category. Simplest mnemonics also prepared based on peptic ulcer name itself.

Mnemonics: P U P N A S H A


1. Direct link is available here that is Peptic ulcer (PU).
2. I am assuming that, a lady diagnosed with peptic ulcer and her name is ASHA.

Mnemonic for Peptic ulcer drugs classification – P U P N A S H A that is Peptic Ulcer Patient Name ASHA

peptic ulcer drugs

P- Proton pump inhibitors :
Ex: Omeprazole, Pantoprazole, Rameprazole

U- Ulcer protectives
Ex: Sucralfate, Colloidal Bismuths Sulfate (CBS)

P- Prostraglandin analouges
Ex: Misoprostol

N- Nonsystemic antacids
Ex: Magnesium hydroxide, Aluminium hydroxide.

A- Anti Cholinergics:
Ex: Pirenzepine, Propantheline

S- Systemic antacids:
Ex: Sodium bicarbonate, Sodium citrate

H- H2 Antihistamines:
Ex: Cimetidine, Ranitidine, Famotidine

A- Anti Helicobactor pyroli drugs:
Ex: Amoxicillin, Clarithromycin, Metronidazole

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This mnemonic help you to remember the peptic ulcer drugs classification.

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