cough drugs classification Mnemonic

Cough drugs classification mnemonics:

I have given mnemonics for cough drugs classification.

Cough drug classification mnemonic- P M S O N P A B


  1. Cough is a respiratory problem. When cough comes to your mind you can easily remember the older people. They are prone to cough. (Link)
  2. These older people are eligible for pension (Link)
  3. Now I am assuming like central government is offering schemes(S) on pension for older people for getting more votes. Along with pension they are offering schemes on banking also.
  4. Central government is nothing but Prime Minister (PM).

Now the mnemonic created by using “PM” and “S”. That is Prime Minister Schemes ON  Pension And Banking

That is P M S O N P A B

P- Pharyngeal demulscents (Eg. Glycerine, Licquorice)

M- Mucolytics (Eg. Ambroxol, Bromhexine)

S- Secretion enhancers (Eg: Potassium Iodide, Guaiphenesin)

O- Opiods (Eg: Codeine)

N- Non-opiods (Eg: Dextromethorphan)

P- Pulmonary receptor desensitiser (Eg:Prenoxidiazine)

A- Antihistamines (Eg: Chlorpheniramine, Diphenhydramine)

B- Bronchodilators (Eg: Salmeterol)

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